Sunday, July 29, 2012

The List

When we found out that baby #2 was on the way Justin and I made a list of projects that we would like to accomplish before the baby.  Then, we didn't worry about it because we had so much time.  Now, with about 10 weeks left before the baby's estimated arrival we realized that it was probably time to look at that list again.  We actually made some big progress this weekend!

Item #1: New Shades for the Sun Room
A little over a month ago I had actually roped my mom into helping me start on this project that we bought the fabric for over a year ago.  The shades in our sun room have been falling apart since we moved in, but we thought it would be more cost effective (if not time efficient) to make the new shades rather than have them made.  7 windows that are 5 ft by 3 ft (the panes, not including the molding surrounding them) is a lot of window to get covered, no matter how you look at it.  After beginning the project we realized that it is going to take us a while and it is more complex than we had anticipated...nonetheless, I think that if we are diligent we actually have a shot at getting this done before the baby arrives.

Item #2: Get a big girl bed for Madelyn and move her into it
Justin and I have been putting this off since it involved taking down the queen size guest bed in her room and getting it to my parents house somehow, as well as actually getting a bed and mattress for Madelyn.  Then, Justin and I made a plan to get it done this weekend only to be thwarted by not having an extra person available nor a vehicle to transport furniture.  Luckily for us, friends of ours (Matt and Becki, along with their son Cole) called and offered to help us out Saturday morning by providing extra man (and woman) power as well as their mini van.  With their help we got a new bed and mattress for Madelyn at Ikea, tore down the old bed, and got it to my parents house.  Madelyn is now ready to go in her big girl bed!  (Original plans may have included painting the bed white before setting it up, but for now we're just happy to have a bed for her to sleep in :)

This is the bed that we picked up from Ikea, actual pictures will hopefully be posted soon :)

Item #3: Extra storage in the kids room...yikes!
The room for the kids has a big disadvantage: it has no closet.  The small dresser and armoire functioning as a dresser/closet in Madelyn's room wasn't really enough storage for Madelyn but we were making it work.  However, with the addition of another child's clothing and other things a new storage solution was needed.  Once again, thanks to our friends coming to our rescue this weekend, we were able to get a wardrobe storage system from Ikea which will provide significantly more storage for us without taking up much more floor space.  It isn't anchored to the wall yet, the inside pieces still need to be put together, and the doors that we wanted weren't in stock, but we are much closer than we were to this goal.
This is the PAX storage system from Ikea
Item #4: Childproofing the kids room BEFORE Madelyn actually starts sleeping in her big girl bed
This needs to happen...soon.

Item #5: Fixing/Removing the shower doors in the bathroom
I strongly dislike the shower doors, particularly after 2 years of giving Madelyn baths in that tub.  Now that one of the doors is broken I have the excuse I need to just get rid of them.  We are having someone come take a look at it in a few weeks, so I consider that progress towards this goal :)

Item #6: Repaint the Living/Dining Room
This is probably not going to happen...let's just be realistic here.

Item #7: General cleaning out/organizing of closets and other storage in the house to make things easier once the baby comes
I still really want this to some point

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things that start with "fire"

Recently, Madelyn has been preoccupied with all things starting with the word "fire."  During the 4th of July she was beside herself with anticipation to see the fireworks, until they actually happened and she insisted on going inside with Daddy where it was safe.  She was so worried that fireworks were going to happen again that we told her that they wouldn't happen again until after Daddy's birthday (since that is July 3rd).  Now if she talks about fireworks she lets you know that there will be no more fireworks until after Daddy's birthday.  (Justin pointed out that there can be fireworks on Labor Day, at Parades, the State Fair, etc...but I didn't think it was worth worrying Madelyn about...)

She is also very interested in fire trucks and fire hydrants.  When we took a walk tonight she told us that when the fire trucks come the water comes out of the hydrant.  She seemed disappointed that we couldn't see it in action :)  However, when she says fire trucks she doesn't say the "tr" sound as clearly as it could be, and often it sounds more like an "f."  It can be a little startling if you aren't expecting it.

Madelyn is looking forward to visiting her Mommom and Poppop and hopefully getting to visit the fire station and fire trucks again (which she told them tonight when she skyped with them).  Since I never did post the fire truck pictures from Christmas I thought I would share a couple of them tonight.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A little behind

A little may not adequately cover it...but I have been behind.  My new work schedule means that hours I used to be free I am working, and when I am home Madelyn is awake.  We're all adjusting...

Shortly before those changes at work we went to get Madelyn's 2 year pictures taken, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

With the pictures here are Madelyn's 2 year stats (a few months old now...)
Madelyn's Stats from her 2 year check up

Weight 26.6 lbs (50th-75th percentile)
Height 34.25 inches (50th-75th percentile)
Head Circumference 18.5 inches (18th-25th percentile)

I'm planning on finding a little more time to blog soon...