Friday, November 22, 2013

Costume Cuteness

Halloween has come and gone, but we didn't get many pictures of the kids in their costumes on Halloween this year because Madelyn was sick with a pretty high fever and taking pictures got pushed down pretty low on the priority list.  However, on the Saturday after Halloween I dressed the kids up and brought them into my work at Madelyn's request since she missed out on her Halloween activities.

This year we tried to work with what we had for costumes.  Madelyn had an adorable dress from when she was a flower girl in the spring that seemed ideal for a fairy princess costume, and Evan had the bear suit that Madelyn had worn at his age to keep warm in the winter.  With a little accessorizing they made a cute fairy princess and teddy bear.


Lynda Howard said...

Halloween cuteness is right!!!!!

Katie Howard said...

Madelyn was feeling so much better by Saturday that it was easier to get good pictures of her :)

Elise said...

Very sweet. We need to get together soon, they already look bigger than the last time I saw them!